N.A.A. – Smart-Home Technology: Is Your Staff Confused or Confident?


Is technology making maintenance technicians feel innovative, stressed or simply indifferent?

While the rental housing industry continues to experiment with and explore smart-home devices—such as locks, thermostats, lighting and window coverings—some onsite staff have been keeping an arm’s length from the technology.

The C-Suite and their investors continue to debate return on investment, resident demand and product selection for smart-home technology. But one thing is for sure: When it stops working, the maintenance team will get the call.

Paul Rhodes, CAMT, National Safety and Maintenance Instructor, NAA Education Institute, says there’s no denying that many in the industry are abuzz about smart-home technology.

“But at this stage, smart-home technology is mostly found in select markets in the country,” Rhodes says. “Everywhere else, it’s just a gimmick. Residents might have a desire for it, but it’s not something they expect or insist on having in their apartments, from what I can tell. I’ve not seen many owners who say that they can charge an extra $10 a month to the rent by providing it.”

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