"Our mission to create meaningful relationships and extraordinary places allows us to be the best possible neighbor in the communities we serve, and that process begins long before we break ground on a community. It starts in the design process, which incorporates sustainable building practices to protect the environment and leave a minimal footprint. At Mill Creek, we offer inclusive and competitive employment opportunities and undertake numerous philanthropic initiatives that address housing, clothing, hunger, and other critical issues. There is nothing more important to us than making a positive impact in the markets in which we operate, and that focus is top of mind in everything we do."


Vice President of ESG

At Mill Creek, we understand that our communities aren’t just made up of our residents. This is why we strive to maintain a holistic mindset, aiming to serve all of our stakeholders to create an exceptionally strong, cohesive community.

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Our Role in ESG Leadership and Development

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Our Partners

Trust, confidence, and transparency are the keys to Mill Creek Residential’s long-standing partner relationships. Whether we are assembling land, obtaining entitlements on a fast track, programming environmentally friendly amenity areas, or delivering best-in-class resident services, Mill Creek leverages its national team to generate powerful solutions built for the future.

Our Residents

We are on a mission to create meaningful relationships and extraordinary places for you, our residents. This means intentionally designing places with things that matter in your life like implementing energy-saving design elements and giving back to the communities we operate in to make a difference.

Our Neighbors

We strive to foster exemplary relationships with our neighbors located in and around our communities. Because our communities aren’t just our residents and partners, it’s everybody around us.

Our Associates

Mill Creek Residential is a people business. We understand the power of strong values and a great team, and this is why we promise to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, provide resources, and educate our associates. We are committed to our associates and to providing a safe and welcoming work environment for them.