ceo action for diversity and inclusion

"At Mill Creek, we work hard, smart and together every day to build and maintain a supportive, enriching atmosphere that allows our associates to thrive and feel a true sense of belonging. When associates join Mill Creek, they become part of an organization that offers competitive pay and benefits, promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, encourages work-life balance, and emphasizes employee growth and development. Just as we want our residents to feel at home, we want our associates to feel at home at Mill Creek."

Leo Navejas

Vice President of Human Resources

Fair Housing

Mill Creek has been a member of the Equal Rights Center’s Multifamily Housing Resource Program (MHRP) since 2011. MHRP is a collaboration among industry leaders dedicated to helping improve and ensure fair housing and housing accessibility for people with disabilities. Our partnership works to increase the number of residential housing units in the United States that are accessible to persons with disabilities and to enhance housing industry accessibility through the use of best practices, associate training, and collaboration with disability advocates.

Culture and Ethics

Mill Creek’s people-first culture is built on our mission to create meaningful relationships and extraordinary places coast-to-coast. We genuinely enjoy working hard, smart, and together to deliver an exceptional living experience to our residents and a great working environment where people can build long-term careers.

Training and Development

In 2020, we implemented additional training requirements for all Mill Creek associates through our Workday Learning environment. Courses include diversity, equity, and inclusion training as well as unconscious bias training. We have expanded our online presence to include messaging around our commitment to fair housing, denouncing racism, and participating in thought leadership around workplace equity.

Policies and Practices

The Mill Creek leadership team is highly committed to mitigating risk for our residents, our associates, and our investors. Mill Creek’s risk management culture is always front-of-mind for our associates, no matter their role.