MFE – True Integration Versus Data Transfer


Multifamily operators must be diligent during the vetting process when considering a true integration component.

How will the provider respond when there is trouble with the system?

What support resources will I have access to?

 How flexible is the system setup?

Does it allow for configurations based on roles within the company?

How responsive will the provider be after I’ve signed a contract?

How quickly can the provider adapt their technology to meet the changing needs of the industry?

The pandemic has underscored the need to modify on the fly and have the ability to institute quick updates and modifications. The time component also comes into play. How often do data transfers occur? Am I going to be able to access the information I need in real-time?

“You can never be too careful when vetting a new technology partner,” says Valerie Gibson, IT Director of Property Management. “We take every possible precaution and explore every potential angle, because nothing is more frustrating—and potentially damaging—than partnering with the wrong platform. The ability to truly integrate allows both entities to perform to their full capabilities.”

True integration creates solutions and increases possibilities for on-site teams. It allows property managers and organizations to operate their leasing, resident, marketing, facilities, management, and accounting operations in one place—without the need for separate logins.

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