Supporting Multifamily Associates’ Ongoing Development


Development Programs and Mental Health Breaks

Mill Creek Residential, one of the nation’s most established developers and operators, has various yearly on-site programs designed to foster associate growth. These include development and leadership training programs for service technicians, assistant community managers, community managers, and regional managers. In addition to the extensive onboarding training program, associates have access to self-paced learning opportunities to spur further workforce development.

“We really give them the tools they need to support their own curiosity and growth in the way they prefer,” says Taryn Silva, vice president of learning and development of property operations for Mill Creek. “One of the things I love about what we do today is that we have cultivated and curated so many on-demand, self-service learning opportunities. The courses and job resources are not solely focused on day-to-day tasks, which of course are important, but they also focus on wellness and skill set development. For instance, if you’re not an Excel pro, not a problem, you can quickly hop in and take a course.”

In the last two years when everyone’s mental health has been tested by the pandemic and its impacts, adding wellness courses have been especially beneficial, according to Silva. The courses provide the opportunity for associates to take a few minutes to reset, which Silva notes is unique in the industry. It’s part of Mill Creek’s mission to focus on associates as a whole and what they need to be supported and successful.

It’s universally known that many industries struggle to find ways to support the personal development of associates, including mentoring, coaching, and mapping a path to personal growth. Silva believes that in a people-centric industry such as multifamily, it should be a primary focus. Mill Creek’s L&D initiatives factor into one of the company’s core values, she says, which is to create a culture of continuous improvement.

“The truth is that associates want to stay with an organization when they believe it really cares about their personal and professional development, and we want to provide them with that opportunity,” Silva says.

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