A massive iconic Mural just appeared in the Modera New Rochelle building in New Rochelle, New York, to celebrate creativity, diversity and unity.


New Rochelle, 13 December 2023 – Artist Case Maclaim, internationally renowned for his colorful hands in Wynwood, is bringing his signature work to New Rochelle, with “1STep”, a new mural part of the NRNY murals curated and produced by the New York based non-profit Street Art for Mankind (SAM). This 7,500 square feet mural, made possible thanks to the support and vision of the Modera by Mill Creek team, features colorful and impeccably executed overlapping hands walking forward. This new mural is a burst of positive energy that celebrates in a conceptual way this diversity of people coming together as one to create a bright and colorful future for all. New Rochelleans walking the talk!

Between 2019 and 2022, Street Art for Mankind (SAM) curated 22 massive murals in New Rochelle with prominent international artists to reflect on the creativity, diversity and resiliency of the New Rochelle community. The murals, linked by SAM’s free audio-guide app “Behind the wall”, form an unprecedented outdoor museum that New Rochelleans and New Yorkers can walk to enjoy fine-art pieces and also reflect on contemporary issues such as climate change, diversity, gender equality, quality education, ocean protection, and the pandemic. This initiate was supported by the city of New Rochelle, the New Rochelle Council on the Arts (NRCA) and passionate developers like Mill Creek.

At the Modera New Rochelle, located at 111 Centre Avenue, SAM curated the existing alley as a fine-art gallery experience on the theme “People, Places and Relationships”. The first phase, painted in 2022 by Spanish artist Cristian Blanxer, saw the creation of five large paintings using a double-exposure effect and featuring recognized New Rochelleans with their rich backgrounds.

The new gigantic mural, on the Hallen School side of the Modera alley, completes the second phase of this gallery experience. Thanks to this signature Case Maclaim hand piece, New Rochelle yet again sheds a light on the vibrancy of its community, and the importance of public art as a universal language to inspire all generations. New Rochelle is now showcasing some of the most talented street artists of our time, and proving to have one of the most vibrant outdoor museums in our country.

Mural Address: 111 Centre Avenue, New Rochelle, New York, 10801

“We are thrilled to bring this new mural to New Rochelle, as it symbolizes the unstoppable movement towards a more diverse and inclusive future. And we all need this hope and drive to build a better future for all! said Audrey and Thibault Decker, co-founders of Street Art for Mankind. “We would also like to thank the public and the residents of the Modera for their kind words and Mill Creek for supporting this meaningful artistic initiative. This mural is another vivid proof that together we can elevate people’s experience, one mural at a time.”

Mill Creek Residential’s partnership with Street Art for Mankind at Modera New Rochelle has been terrific. Not only have the murals offered yet another amenity for our residents and the public to enjoy, but they also serve to reinforce the importance and positive impacts of art in a community, said Russell Tepper, Senior Managing Director, Mill Creek Residential.